Hi, I’m Vitalij Kazackov and I’m writing my capture my image Blog to help everyone make a smooth transition from snapshot images to gorgeous high quality photos that can be cherished for life, or for those who just want to have memorable photos at the end of the day

I was born in 1983 (Ok, now you know my age) near the coast of the Baltic Sea in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

I was introduced to the world of photography when I got my first “Zenit” film camera at the tender age of sixteen. My capacity for learning knew no bounds, so much so that my father tiring from my incessant questions and not knowing where to hide from me went sailing! Courses and self tutoring abounded and helped me a lot and capturing images very quickly became my hobby, and later on shifted to be my “part time job”. Fairly soon people at school, parties and events started calling me the “Paparazzi” as I was always to be seen somewhere, clicking away!

By the end of 2003 I had my first Digital Camera and a new digital world opened up in front of my eyes. With new possibilities, new questions arose. The Internet was the tutor for my intense curiosity. In 2005 I completed my Interior Design College with Courses for Photography.

With each year that passed my passion for photography deepened, but as is the way with life lots of things happened; I’ve had my fair share of travelling over the past few years and the road led me into a beautiful green country – Ireland. Dublin.

Joining a photography club was the next obvious step and it was just a matter of time before I found a great one. Improving my photography came naturally to me and I believe I?ve been lucky enough to learn from the best.

Dublin Camera Club was and still is a place where I share, learn and attend. Greta photographers had a big influence in way I take photographs, and I believe this is also where I picked up my style.

The more photos I upload the more people say to me: – You should create your website.

So here it is. It is with utmost pleasure that I have created my first Web Blog ? Capture My Image by Vitalij Kazackov and I hope you enjoy browsing through it as much as I enjoyed creating the images.


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