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Hi everyone, and welcome to my first ‘capture my image’ post on my photo-blog.

Today I want to tell you about some of the great experiences I’ve had capturing images of something that we take for granted all the time.

Birds are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth and they fly above and around us every day, sometimes without us even noticing!

I want to show you some of the photos I’ve taken of these lovely creatures that surround us on a daily basis.

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We get used to seeing birds so frequently, as we are used to seeing cars or SPAR shops, but if one day you have spare time walking around  St. Stephen’s Green, take 5 minutes out to sit down and observe the natural beauty of the flora, fauna and birds that are constantly there surfing wind waves!

I live in Dublin, close to St. Stephen’s Green, and it’s one of my most visited locations in the city as it’s somewhere I go to relax as well as to appreciate the nature that surrounds us.

Below you will find photos of Swans, Gulls, Pigeons, Blackbirds and other birds that I took in St. Stephen Green, Dublin.

When I look at birds taking off, flying or landing, in my mind there is only one word: FREEDOM.

The ease with which they take off, spread their wings and glide through the air fills me with envy as  I watch and wonder what it must be like to have the air ruffle your feathers way above the ground away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Us humans can only experience feelings like this if we do some parachuting or do a bungee jump, however that doesn’t even come close to the magnificence of birds flying above you with no attachment to the earth whatsoever.

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Photographing birds is something quite hard to achieve, especially if birds are moving.

You can sit there for hours, clicking away, filling up your CF cards, and in the end you will be happy if you captured at least 2-3 good images from 200-300 blurry out of focus shots.

What you need as a starter pack:

1. Entry level Digital Camera (Canon or Nikon brands are all good-preferably with fast shutter speed so you can freeze the motion)

2. Good telephoto lens. 80-200mm or 100-300mm or longer.

Good lens aperture is a MUST HAVE. f-2.8 and you are good to go

but I saw many images with bigger aperture with great image quality and sharpnes.

As you can see Optics in this case are crucial. Most of the time you will be using long end of the lens.

3. Good Location/bird viewing spot where you can start capturing birds in motion. (If you observe birds for a while you will see that they all have a flight pattern that most of the time repeat it self. By doing some observation you can identify good shooting spot.

4. Set your camera to shutter priority mode.

Set aperture 1/400 an take a shot of moving subject. If the bird in our case is blurry increase it 1/600  until you are happy with the image and fire away.

Most of all don’t hesitate to try, play arround and take some shots, you never know what you might capture.

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