Croco Family in The Studio

On May 20, 2011, in Studio & Lights, by kvitalij

Couple Studio Photo

As you probably noticed, I love photographing people. Taking my friends into studio gives me time to achieve something new, fun or dramatic. This time my models were Olga and Carlos . I was excited to take them into studio . Knowing they will be great people to photograph, willing to experiment. It was great opportunity to have fun and create something new. I would like to present you some of the shot I capture in the DCC studio. Huge thanks to Olga and Carlos for their attitude and time.

Meet Olga And Carlos. Wonderfull Couple with Great attitude and lot’s on Energy

Black on Black - Studio Image Captured

Carlos Rocking-Out

Guns In Action – Stylish Wamp Photos

Olga and Carlos Studio Shoot - Guns ready

Miss Olga in the studio Image

Wamp Style Photo in the Studio

Black and White Studio Photo

Some of you probably asking yourself, what does the Croco family hast to do with this studio photos. Well the answer to that is explained bellow. Olga and Carlos were one of the couples who brought with them so many clothes that they actually didn’t have a chance to try all of them out. But what is even more important. They brought their Pet with them – THE CROCO. They actually even had a little fight, which would hold it. Have a look below, see for yourself…

Croco family photo

The fight for Pet Croco

Time to change Backdrop and Appearance

Couple in Action - Adult activity

For those who has Falsh support enjoy the slide-show.


I hope dear viewrs and flowers, you liked this photo session, and some of the shoots brought smile on your face 🙂 If one day you decide that you want to appear on this site. Just let me know, and I will try and arrange a shoot for you 🙂



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  1. Zizka Frantisek says:

    Hi i like the pictures from Olga and Carlos wedding. Can you do me a favor? I would like to print some canvas print for them as a wedding gift. (I am profesional printer.) But I would like to suprise them. Can you give me some nice pictures of them? But in high quality. Thank you very much! Fero
    Ps. If you need some photo prints let me know.

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