Hello all, and welcome to DiCAPac WP-S10 review.

Dicapac Underwater Housing Case

Today I want to talk about a product that I bought and tested, a waterproof DSLR case/housing (DiCAPac WP-S10) for DSLR cameras such as Canon, Nikon and similar brands.

Below, I will be going into some specifications regards camera installation, test photos and related tips. If you only  want to see some underwater shots taken in Palma de Mallorca ,Spain, you can skip the next content chapter and scroll down to Underwater Photography.

For those of you, that are looking into buying underwater case/housing equipment? And can’t make up their mind regards what product to go for, this treat will definitively help you in your decision making process. I tried to be fair, describing what I really thought of the product and highlighting all the pros and cons that I experienced.

Dicapac unit with Canon 1D Mark 2 & 24-70mmL

DicCAPac and Canon Rear view shoot

foam and camera padding

People have different reasons to protect their cameras. Taking pictures while snorkeling and diving in the sea, was one of my main reasons. In general, if you are into swimming, surfing, kayaking, snowboarding, rafting, or wake-boarding, good protection equipment is essential. It is important to protect your digital camera.  A DiCAPac WP-S10 housing product is definitively a wise budget – friendly investment to protect your  equipment against water, snow, sand and dirt.

I ordered a waterproof case from Germany over Ebay. Which took less than two weeks to arrive. I won’t go too much into the unpacking and other trivial things.  All I will say is that the product was well protected. Package included a underwater case, a wide neck strap, English manual and foam inserts. Its enough to get started and convert your trusted DSLR camera into a weather-resilient, waterproof* camera.

I was once in the same situation than so many of you. I was worried to put My Canon 5D MKII into a WP-S10 for the simple reason that it is worth 2000€, plus the Dicapac Case worth 70€. I did my research prior to the purchase, surfing the Net, reading different blog and looking into all the reviews that I could find online. Opinions online are divided, but soon it became clear that the Dicapac stood out in almost all of the reviews in relation to budget and quality. Finally I made the plunge and ordered one online.

The first thing I did – and I would strongly recommend it to everyone – was testing the waterproof case at home in my bathtub. I put some heavy weights and paper inside, sealed it well, and let it drown. When I opened it after 4 hours – hurray – The inside of the DiCAPac was DRY!  And stayed dry, when I moved under water to imitate waves and some natural squeezing force

WP-S10 Empty Photo

Dicapac, Canon DLSR, Canon 50mm

Camera Installation – a bit tricky, but you get a hold of it, once you have done it once or twice.
One thing to be aware of, if you use longer lenses such as: 17-85, 17-45, 24-70, or 85mm, you will have to put the body inside first and only then connect your lens to the camera before closing the UV coated polycarbonate lens cap. The maximum filter thread you can use is 85mm. For most of the lenses this is sufficient enough. The lens port can be adjusted before submerging from a 50mm fix lens to a 150mm. (long max) I used two bodies , a 5D MKII and a 1DMKII. However,  my preferred choice was a 5D for low noise capabilities and video recording as an extra.

When I lend it to a friend of mine and he used it with an entry level Dslr camera that was smaller in size, it worked fine for him as well. Here is a tip: If you have a smaller camera, you can always make it sturdy with foam that is included in the package or some extra padding. Just stuff it in on each side of the camera so that it can’t move anymore.

Sealing Mechanism – looked reliable, with double sealing strip, roll in material and Velcro tape for extra hold.

Underwater Photography

Fish under water photo

underwater image with Canon and Dicapac

Under the sea line

Small camera body Vs Pro large form factor bodies.
With bigger Pro bodies it’s sturdier, less foam is needed to secure it and it fits perfectly to attach the lens to the camera port.
With a Canon DSLR’s (1000D, 4xxD, 5xxD, 6xxD, 50D, 60D, 7D or 5DMK2), you would need more foam to set it right. A better grip can be an advantage and aligns the camera to the lens port and the rubber lens tube connector.

Lenses – for my underwater photography I used a 50mm F1.4 and a 17-40mm F4.
I didn’t really use my canon 24-70mm L F2.8 that much. I couldn’t zoom in and out as easily as I though; and the whole process was only possible with a lot of effort. (You can still use it though. First set the desired focal length and then seal the unit, especially if you have just one lens)
Both lenses: the Canon50mm F1.4 and the 17-40mm F4 on the widest end, where a good package to have. With that set up, I managed to capture a variety of photos in different focal lengths and depths of field which you can see on my Blog.

Camera Controls & Usability – button use when the camera is sealed, is very limited, but then remember, this is not a super expensive pro underwater equipment product worth 2-3k. You get what you pay for.
In my case I was imputing most of the settings before sealing the camera. You can still push some of the buttons, but for instance you won’t be able to change the shooting mode that easily, or scroll well – the control navigator.

Display Pre/View – is very limited; photo preview can be seen, but obviously not as clear as you would want to, or expect to. Being able to have a quick look at the photo preview under water would be more appealing, as it would avoid having to review your shot in direct sunlight! Please note that viewing/scrolling your taken photos in sealed Dicapac Unit is very hard with Scroll well.

Canon Underwater

Photogrpahing under the water

Under the sea line photo

Photo Image in the sea

Snorkeling & Diving Experience with a DiCAPac Housing – Firstly, on the  negative side, whatever camera you put in, it will most likely FLOAT like a life buoy. 🙂  I tried to take as much air as I could, but in vain.  There were some suggestions on other blogs to put some extra weight inside, but I had nothing at hand at that time to test it. I dived at a maximum 3m depth, but in 10 to 20 seconds, it will drag you up to the  surface!

On the other hand, if you are snorkeling, the camera is actually quite good, as it keeps you floating with almost no physical effort. The strap that came with the package was barely used. My camera would be all the time in my right hand while I’m swimming to the different locations.
I have to note that the first time that I tested it in the sea,  I was very cautious regards how long to keep it under water, looking out for potential leaks, constantly checking its functionality diving deeper and deeper down to the ground. After I tested it three to four times, I was more comfortable taking shots at low depths.

Life Bouy image underwater

Photographing Experience underwater – most of the shots where done in AV Mode using the Center Focusing Point. Canon 50mm @ F1.8 have a shallow depth of field and sharp object in front. A Canon 17-40mm L F4, on widest end @ 17mm at F4 take some panoramic photos, bumped up by my ISO 800 at times depending on sunlight, and the depth from the pictures were taken at. To say the truth, most of the settings were adjusted by test shots.
I have tested as well a P mode, and full Automatic, when didn’t want to concentrate too much on one subject or if there were too many.
Tracking a Subject with Canon AI Servo mode was a bit hard especially if it’s small Fish, because focus hunts with so much water particles and light that is constantly changing.
I have to say my favorite Lens was Canon 50mm with focusing point set to center at aperture f1.8

WP-S10 Underwater Housing

WP-S10 Housing

WP-S10 with Canon Dslr

Fish Photo Underwater

Video – I’m not a video person so please don’t expect much on this end, but I have uploaded some samples below for all of you to consider, to say the true quality a lot depends on factors, such as: Sun/Light, Water’s you are in, some camera settings, and of course post-processing.
One thing to note: since the Underwater Housing Floats, doing a fluid video shot is very hard and to be honest almost impossible, unless you can take the air out of the housing and bring it down to 2-3 meters depth, were its not pulling you up, and there is less waves! (Please don’t mind the  sound as the video wasn’t post-processed)

Dicapac Waterproof Case – Underwater Video Clip

Flash/Speed light – can’t say much, as 5DMK2 and 1D MKII with big and Junky 430Ex or 580Ex didn’t fit. With smaller bodies the pop-up flash can be used, but can’t comment on image result.

Panoramic Photo Above and Under Water

Seal Level Photo

WP-S10 Housing

Underwater Image

Well I guess this is it for my review, and observations point’s on DiCAPac WP-S10 Waterproof Case for Canon. On an all, the DiCAPac WP-S10 waterproof case is a savior when you need a simple protection for your gear, if you are a photo amateur and want to start with minimum budget spend, this could be an option for you. Or if you are a parent who want to have some shots of their kids in swimming pool or sea this could be a good choice.

Quickly sum it UP:
Budget wise – YES
Floats if Snorkeling
Image quality is decent for the price
Gives extra protection in hands of kids
Doesn’t feel cheap, but used in water with Caution
Good protection (Water, Dirt, Sand, Snow to a certain level)
Easy to take shots in Automatic/P mode for basic photography without getting into controls
Floats if Diving
AI Servo – Hunts
Takes time to set it up
Display photo Preview lack clearness
Control Usability and settings, when sealed
For smaller Cameras and lenses you will need extra Foam, padding
No space for External Flash Units

Some more underwater photos below

Simona and Alex posing underwater

Alex and Simona Underwater in Swimming Pool

Canon 17-40mm L in Dicapac Housing

Swiming forward

Diving Photos

Snorkelling Photo

Snorkelling Image underwater

Near sea Reefs

Underwater towards Sun Above

Whatever you do, always make sure Bag is sealed well, before submerging and happy Underwater photo -Click Click hunting.



74 Responses to DiCAPac WP-S10 review for Canon and Nikon (Pros & Cons)

  1. Bree says:

    I was curious to know how it works out of the water. I’m planing on going to Thailand next year and was after something that would protect my camera in case it fell in the water but still takes good pictures normally. I plan on going on canoe’s on the bay and i do want to take photos but am worried about capsizing my canoe and my camera getting destroyed. Do you think it takes good photos when not in the water.
    Thanks Bree.

    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Bree,

      I find the Dicapac case with Camera installed a bit bulky, but sturdy enough at the same time. It will give you a reasonably good protection as long as you don’t smash it on purpose. For canoes I guess the neck strap will by a Plus. Picture quality is good since the Dicapac Unit uses UV coated polycarbonate lens cap, though I have to say on wide end in the corners of your image you might have some distortion.
      I hope this helped, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


  2. Istvan says:

    Pros and Cons are switched up in the article

  3. kvitalij says:

    thank you Istvan.

  4. Yet says:

    great review! I can now buy one. Thanks!

  5. YK Yeo says:

    Great reviews and photos. Can I use the photos in my website?

  6. Andrea says:

    Thank you very much for this thorough review!

  7. ramy says:

    does the lens efs 18-135 canon fits in it even if without zooming because this is the only lens i have ???

    • kvitalij says:

      Hi Ramy,

      It Does fit but you will need a bit of support for the lens inside the rubber tube.
      Something like a soft folding padding, or some other material easy to bend will do just fine.

      You can even zoom in and out, but it will take a bit of time to get used to it.

      Hope You Enjoy underwater photography as I did!


  8. HI,

    I am very much convinced.
    I will get one of this stuff. Thank you for the review.


  9. ronald says:

    thank you for the review. 🙂

  10. Tom says:

    I was just wondering if you had used this in more surf condition where there would be more force applied to the seals?

    Very good review thanks

    • kvitalij says:

      Hi Tom,

      Sorry for not coming back to you earlier, I was on long holidays.
      I used Dicapac WP-S10 this year in quite harsh environment, strong waves many submerges and strong sea wave hits, so far so good, can’t really complain. hope it works good for you.

  11. miscellanem says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m going snorkeling and scuba diving in a few months and was hoping to avoid buying another camera or an expensive case (my little Canon might not have much life left in it anyways). I think I’ll be getting one of these then!

  12. Yair Golov says:

    Dear Vitaly 🙂 I just bought this dicapac s-10, this edition seems to support longer lenses than the other one.
    I see you got some extra foam in colors I didn’t see that in my box should I contact my seller? I saw only 2 black ones.

    also I’m about to go to India-Andaman first. my long life dream and the reason I bought this case was to try to caprture an elephant goes underwater.

    If you have any tips for keeping it safe,using it,choose my lenses or which camera option would be the best for my 60D canon and 17-55/ 50 1.8/ 100 marco 2.8 lenses.

    Thanks again..Yair

    • kvitalij says:

      Hi Yair,

      Coming back to you in relation to soft padding,it was my own idea, I have took it from my multi-functional padded camera bag, and used different sizes, were I felt it was needed to secure lens or camera body better.

      I have never photographed Elephants, or had opportunity to do that. I don’t know how they react to people with cameras, and what distance you should be, but It sounds like a great journey, and I hope it works for you well. But I guess you will need your 100mm lens. Just before submerging your camera in Dicapac, always make sure to test the case beforehand.

      My current travel lenses are Canon 27-70mm F2.8 L – for general snaps and Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS L for longer distance shots and action, sometimes I can take Sigma 50-500mm lens with me, but it’s quite heavy.
      And yes Canon 50mm F1.4 is always with me.

      I hope I can see some of the images from your travel 🙂
      Best of Luck.

  13. Yair Golov says:

    Ohh I see funny I already called my seller I send him those pics, now I’ll tell him it’s ok. I saw you can change some settings in my 60D it will be mostly shutter so do you recommend to use the AV setting or M and take it all on the same apature altogether?

    WB is no biggy since I do mostly RAW. thanks for your advices I’ll be carefull with those elephants 🙂
    btw how do you know you go below 5 meters? 🙂 did you ever try that?

    Also when putting a shorter lens do you take the lens holder in before?
    cause the finger holes for that lens lets say, focus or zoom are only avaliable when fully open-full lengh.

    thanks again, if the pics will be good as I hope I’ll make sure to post here 🙂

  14. Fernand says:

    Hi ..

    Thanks for review..i just did photoshot in underwater with this thing and i am happy about it. One thing is make me not happy because i am using lens 24-70 so i can’t use the wide.I just want to ask you..is lens 16-35 fits with this product, because i just want to buy a wide lens. Your information really appreciated

    Thank you

    • kvitalij says:

      Hi Fernand,

      I’m really happy you like it, cause I’m still using it myself.
      I have used Canon 17-40 for a wide shots with Dicapac It did fit ok.
      But I guess you will have to check size charts of two lenses, to get an idea how different 2 lenses are.

      Kind Regards & Happy Shooting

  15. Oscar Jones says:

    Hey, if i would want to photograph the shore break (wave) from behind, do u reckon this would be a good option?

    • kvitalij says:

      Hi Oscar,

      I’m not sure how strong is the wave. If you are in the middle of strong waves photographing surfers might be dangerous for your camera. I usually did relaxed water sports. Snorkeling and a bit of low depth diving.
      Never did anything where strong waves would be hitting camera bag, so I can’t give exact answer to that.

      Hope you find a solution.

  16. simonsan says:

    Based on reviews like this one I decided to give the WP-S10 a shot, and it worked out pretty well so far. Used a D700 with a 24-70mm lens.

    Since this lens varies its physical length with different focal lenths (24mm being the “longest”), I taped it up in the 24mm position to prevent it from being pushed to a smaller size (towards 50mm). Turning the focus ring under water is almost impossible, at least with the bulky 24-70.

    Life view is too slow on the D700 for my photography (shooting people in pools), so I had to stick to the camera viewfinder, which is difficult, but not impossible.

    To reach depths of about 3m (ground of pool), I hat to use weight belts on me and the camera bag, otherwise I would not sink, since there is always a bit of air in the camera bag, making it float.

    Last but not least I tried to fit my D3s into the bag – if you remove all paddings, it actually fits in quite nicely.


  17. Olivia says:

    Thanks for the review – it was very useful. I want to buy a waterproof case for my camera, but primarily for use in the rain as opposed to underwater, since I’ll be in Asia for two months during monsoon season. How well do you think this case would work in that respect? Do you think the photos would be poor due to rain drops on the screen? And do you know if the outer lens would blur if I was continuously wiping the rain off?

    Thanks for your help!!

    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Olivia,

      I’m not sure how much it would be useful for rainy situations, I was taking some images when it was raining, but digital camera and DiCapac case make’s together a bulky unit to handle. Also I mentioned before you are limited to to button navigation and lens adjustment…
      If it was me, I would consider other options for rainy situations.

      Hope it helped,

  18. Joa Czogalla says:

    I used this housing for a small shoot with models in a pool with a Canon DSLR to shoot video and experienced the same inconvenient operating points already described. Anyways my camera was kept dry and the client was happy. It is worth it’s money for a low budged production. If you need to shoot high end you need to consider other more expensive options. The floating is the most annoying thing but I will put some metal weight under the foam base in the housing when I need to use it another time. That should fix it easily.

  19. Philipp says:

    HI nice Review
    I have some questions:
    The review is about the DiCAPac WP-S10
    I have a Canon Eos 650D and the 18-55 mm lens
    Does my camera fit in there? You said you used it with a ” I used a 50mm F1.4 and a 17-40mm F4″
    Isn`t the tube too long that you have a black edge?

    • kvitalij says:

      HI Philip,

      Your Camera will fir there with no problem, but you will need a few soft foam padding as an extra to make camera less shake within a case. Lens you mentioned should do just fine, cause the rubber casing tube is retractable, and With 50mm and 24-70 I was ok!

      Good luck with Dicapac WP-S10 🙂

  20. Ruth Amodia says:

    Hi. Your review was very helpful. I was confused on which
    underwater housing I should buy. I would just like to ask one thing.
    Does it also supports nikon d600 with 18-55mm lens.? I really love swimming
    and it’s a bit dissapointing when I just see my dslr cam hidden from water. Really hoping for your reply. And any suggestions how to handle more the dslr cams..

    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Ruth,

      I think your camera body and lens should fit perfectly in to the underwater casing. You might need extra foam padding to secure it properly inside so it doesn’t move as much, but other than that you should be fine.
      Most importantly when you buy it make sure it is not leaking anywhere before putting your camera in.

      I still use it occasionally from time to time when I’m on holidays 🙂

      Good luck with a purchase.

  21. magnificent put up, very informative. I’m wondering
    why the opposite specialists of this sector do not notice this.
    You must continue your writing. I am sure, you have
    a great readers’ base already!

  22. cHRIS says:

    Hi ,

    Planning to buy this because we’re going Maldives this year. Im using NIkon D3100 with 2 lens 35mm & 18-105mm which one do you suggest do i bring under water?


    • kvitalij says:

      Hi Chris,

      I would say take both lenses with you if you can.
      In My case in 2013, I used in Rhodes, Greece 24-70mm and 50mm lenses with 5D MKII.

      I did use the zoom lens (Canon 24-70 F2.8) more often with wp-s10, but my 50mm got some action underwater too.
      Just a point to note: with fixed lenses you usually get faster and more accurate focusing and precision plus you can achieve better shallow depth of field while maintaining lower ISO.

      I guess both lenses has it’s advantages.

      One thing I always do, is test my Underwater casing before every major trip. Submerge it for an hour at home (Bath or water tank without the camera), test it out and see if paper inside is dry after 1 hr, wiggle it and squiz it lightly for extra reassurance while submerged.

      Than practice putting the camera and lens inside the Dicapac housing, cause it can be harder to do in the sandy environment.

      One new trick I found useful on my last trip was how to get air out of the housing before sealing it off so it floats less.
      I was using a cocktail/drink straw, seal your casing almost completely and leave just enough for the straw to fit in, it might look stupid, but inhale through the straw air from the case until you feel like it is enough. Seal it off while carefully taking the straw out, with a bit of practice you will get a hang for it.

      Most of the things are mentioned above in the most – GOOD LUCK!

      Good luck with purchase and trip, I hope both goes well, feel free to send some images or link to them.


  23. Slipcovers says:

    magnificent put up, very informative. I wonder why the
    other specialists of this sector do not understand this.
    You must continue your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a huge readers’
    base already!

  24. Roberto says:

    Hello !
    I’d like buy the DicaPack wp-s10, but I have a question.
    Can I use a Sigma 10-20 with this case ?
    Please, help me !

    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Roberto.

      I never had this lens, never had a chance to test it in Dicapac.
      My best suggestion is to find out how wide it is in diameter and compare against Canon 24-70 L diameter.
      If the size same or smaller its definitely will fit no problem.

      Good luck with underwater photos.


  25. Miltiadis says:

    hi, and thank you for your helpfull review.

    a question i have, i suppose you are not using live view for capturing.
    are you shooting “in general direction” or you can actually see through the viewfinder?
    i believe you swim with googles on so its eye – google – plastic – viewfinder?
    can you realy see?

    thank you in advantage

    • kvitalij says:


      I actually use both views in my case, depending on available light at different moments.

      With underwater goggles it takes time to get used to but it is possible, if it is Mask it becomes much harder.

      Using Live view is possible as well but I prefer the eye piece.

      I hope that helps.

  26. Finnian says:

    Hi, great review!
    I’m going on a sailing trip (large boat – not dingy) and wondered if it would be suitable for me and my Fujifilm XS1 (with some zoom space)?

    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Finnian,

      I am a happy user of FujiFilm X-T1 and X-Pro1 myself, all my canon gear was sold. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend the DiCAPac underwater housing I had befoe for the smaller size fujifilm cameras as it will be very hard to secure them.

      At the moment I’m researching new underwater cases for fujifilm cameras as Summer vacation is closing in and I will need one myself.

      Once I found one I will try and do the review for it.


  27. Finnian says:

    Thanks, how different are the X-T1/X-Pro1 and the XS1?

    • kvitalij says:

      Hi Finnian,

      I only now realized you are talking about a slightly different camera than what my initial though was (Fujifilm X-A1).

      Coming back to your previous question, Yes your camera would fit in quite well into the DiCapac WP-S10.
      One thing to note, if you buy it you should find soft padding to have a better stability for the body inside the housing.

      The Fuji Film X-S1 is not as big as Canon 5d MK II or 7D, So you would need extra padding for extra sturdiness.
      Your zoom will fit I’m sure, cause My Canon 24-70L lens (Big heavy lens) fit perfectly and I could zoom in and out (With Certain Limitations while underwater)

      Following your next question, X-S1 and X-Pro1 are slightly different bodies altogether.
      X-S1 is a smaller form factor DSLR, while X-Pro1 is a rangefinder camera compact size.
      Size, sensor, the way cameras focus etc, and more makes two very different photo systems

      I never used X-S1 my self so I can’t give you exact pros and cons on this matter vs X-Pro1/X-T1.
      But I dumped my DSLR Canon gear for Fuji – And never been happier.
      I do occasionally Weddings and Gigs with some Studio work with X-Pro1 and X-T1 and both cameras can’t stop to impress me.
      I go light now with two bodies and few lenses and my gear weight dropped from 12kg to 6kg, that’s a huge improvement in my opinion for traveling or any work-photo related assignments.

      Whatever the outcome, I wish you best regards finding the right underwater housing or a camera 🙂
      If you have any questions please feel to fire away.


  28. Finnian says:

    Thanks very much!
    I think I will order one of those waterproof cases then – if you reckon it’s suitable for me!
    Thanks again, you’ve been a great help in the world of cameras and waterproof cases 🙂

  29. Michael says:

    Great Review .
    Is it Suitable for Nikon D5200 With Lens 18 – 55 or 18 -140 ?

  30. Michael says:

    thanks 🙂

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  33. Ben says:

    I would use the housing to take my canon 1000d into the ocean, but I would be getting wave pictures, not snorkeling or diving pictures. I was wondering if this housing would be strong enough for that.


    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Ben,

      To be honest it depends, how strong are the waves, will your housing with camera be bashed against strong current. I would be very careful in relation to harsh environment.

      Also, please check if the size of your camera is not to big for the WP-S3, I think WP-S10 will be a better choice, but you can also get in touch with DiCaPac and ask them what underwater housing would suit more specific camera with the lens you are planning to use.

  34. Jojit says:

    Great Review .

    Is it Compatible for Nikon D5100 With Stock Lens of AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR


    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Jojit,

      I’m sure your camera will fit, cause my Canon Full frame body and big 24-70 f2.8 Lens are much larger vs Nikon D5100.

      Good Luck.

  35. Allie says:

    I am going on a cruise in a month and was curious as to how good the camera and casing will shoot at a pool. Having the case on as general water protection. Someone else asked the question but the answer didn’t seem clear. How well will the camera shoot out of water?

    Nikon D3200

    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Allie,

      In Case of canon I found that it worked like a charm in both cases. Underwater or on the Shore. Most important is to clean water droplets of Dicapac front lens element.

      Other than that it worked as intended. But for longer exposures with filter obviously I had to take it out.

  36. angele says:

    Hello, I was wondering if this size case would fit my
    Nikon D3200, thankyou 🙂

    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Angele,

      Yes the Nikon D3200 can easily be enclosed with DiCapac Wp-S10.

      I wish you have great moments of adventure and underwater photographs.

  37. Beppe says:

    first of all, very nice review, you did an excellent job, I’m definitely going to buy one of these.
    But I have a question for you. In your opinion could it be possible to use a mirrorless camera such as the Samsung NX300 inside a DicaPac WP-S10? obviously using more foam or pluriball to fill the empty space and in order to place the camera in the right position for the lens.
    I’d use it mostly to make videos, so, once started the shoot I’ll not use the buttons anymore.

    Thank you

    • kvitalij says:

      Hello “B”,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      You most certainly can use this housing for your Samsung NX300 with extra padding for WP-S10. But, you will need a lot as WP-S10 is really for bigger size cameras.
      But a better option for that size of a camera would be: WP-S3 (Follow the link to read more about it)
      It’s cheaper, smaller in size for compact cameras and similar in many ways to WP-S10…

      I hope this gives you options for waterproof case to choose from. I was a full-frame DSLR camera user before but now I went compact and that’s one of the reasons why I went with a smaller size housing for my new Fujifilm camera. Never been happier.

      Good luck with future underwater photo endeavors and please do share some of your images once you chose the case and enjoyed your future trips.

      Yours truly – “V” Capture My Image

      • Beppe says:

        Hi “V” 😀
        Yes, I know that there also the mirrorless version of the case (WP-S3) but I was asking if I could use a mirrorless camera inside the bigger case because I’d like to buy just one waterproof case and use it with both my Nikon D800 (or in case the Nikon D300) and the Samsung NX300, just to save extra money, because I’d use the D800 to take some photo with the 35 or the 85, and the NX300 to shoot 1080p@60fps videos.

        Thank you for the answer.

        • kvitalij says:

          Ok, I see what you are aiming at. As I stated before you definitely could do it, but it means a lot of extra extra extra padding and even then controlling it won’t be as easy as with proper DSLR camera in WP-S10.

          There is no easy answer to this, as there pros and cons, but most of the time it all comes down to money and whats best for the price you willing to pay. I hope you can decide which of the cameras will get the most of it’s time in the housing and do get it based on that.

          Alternatively go with the big boy Wp-S10 and with time if you feel it’s to big for Nex, try and get a smaller version WP-S3.

  38. ming says:


    Great review. Love how you are still replying even up to now.

    Considering that you have used this bag for more than 4 yrs, has there been any leaks. For new user, should they keep on monitoring the bag constantly, considering the bag is relatively cheap, but the gear that goes inside can be very expensive.

    Just a suggestion, you might do a follow up review over so many years of use and give your thoughts whether it was a great buy or whether you would choose something else had you the opportunity to do so.


    • kvitalij says:

      Dear Ming.

      Thank you for your kind words, I’m always happy to answer to everyone’s questions in best of my knowledge. You are right I probably should do a return-review for Dicapac WP-S10 at some point just to pt down some of the things that did build up after so many years. Non the less I have to say that recently my photo equipment was downsized in size I’m a fully FUJI FILM shooter now – and Never been happier with the Fuji Portability and Quality.

      Since the camera system is much smaller I no longer need WPs10, I now use smaller brother from DiCaPac WP-S3 (Click Click)
      The WP-S10 was sold to my photo colleague who is happy with the item even after so many years. I have to note that all underwater housings where used only 3 to 6 times a year so depending if you are looking for something more specific maybe you need to look for some other more expensive and much more reliable brands. However I couldn’t find the big or the small underwater bag. In the end of the day It fulfills my needs and requirements for the budget I’m set for.

      To get back to the subject, once I get some free time on my hands I will write few sentences about Big Brother DiCapac WP-S10 for you guys.

      Regards, yours truly

  39. Sally Edmonds says:

    Hi V. GREAT review. Do you know if any of the DICAPAC waterproof bags would work for a Canon SX50 HS? I want to take it kayaking, but don’t want to ruin the camera on the first time I try if by it getting wet. It has a looooong zoom. Haven’t found this camera on any lists for the DICAPAC brand. Thanks so much!

  40. massimo says:


  41. Bonny says:

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    initial traffic?? Search google for: Marihhu’s method

  42. Samantha Jones says:

    Hi, I just bought this case for my 5dM3 and 50 mm1.4. I see you use that combination. The lens tube is too long for the fixed lens, though. The black lens cover keeps moving and cutting through my images mid shot. Do you know how to secure the lens tube in one place with the small prime lens in place? Fill in with padding (that seems very fiddly!) or just buy a zoom and fill it with that?! Or maybe tape it in place with industrial strength tape?!

    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Samantha,

      Congratulation on the case. If you use small tube enclosure rather than the big one, and some padding this should stabilize things quite well for you. I do understand your problem, but unfortunately that;s the only two things I can recommend based from my experience. I hope this will fix your issue.

      Good luck with future photography journeys…

  43. Mic says:


    Thanks for your great review of WP-S10 which I’m looking for.
    Actually, my gear is D750 with 20mm, 50mm, 85mm. I’m worrying when using 20mm is too wide of it (black angle)? Did you try to use ultra wide lens to take photos with WP-S10 and could you please post some examples with black angle (if it have)?
    And I will go to snorkel with kids, do you think which lens is better for me?

    Many thanks.

    • kvitalij says:


      To be honest I’m a canon guys, so not sure about the dimensions of 20mm lens. The smallest I had was Canon 50mm and did fine. the widest was 24-70 and at 24mm it was doing great.

      Sorry if I can’t help more than that. Whatever the case, I’m sure you will find plenty of use for DiCapac. Good Luck.

  44. Julie says:

    Hi there,

    I really want this for my canon 60D but I have a 24mm prime lens.
    It probably will be too small to fit?


    • kvitalij says:

      Hello Julie,

      If it’s F 1.8 model it should fit and be good.
      If it’s the pancake 2.8 lens then probably not a good option.

      I had prime 50mm f1.4 it is similar in size with 24mm and should be good.

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