As Promised dear visitors, here is my second post related to street portraiture.

I recently had a conversation with an experienced photo-hog, and he mentioned to me that my shots (at least not all of them) are not really a street photography style.

He said – people are posed in some of the photos so it is not really a street photography. For that reason I have changed my way of naming it. From now on it is STREET PORTRAITURE or a mixture of both.  😉

This time I present you with photos in color. With minor color adjustment and rendition. My equipment is same: Fujifilm X-T1 with 56mm f1.2 lens

If you want to see the previous post with Black and White Photos CLICK HERE!

Dublin Street portraiture - Couples

Couples of Dublin

Photographer on the Hunt

Street Photos Fuji X-T1 CMI- 085

Street Performers Dublin

Happy Christy Posing for the camera

Street Portrait in Dublin

Dublin people portraiture

Street Photos X-T1 FujiFilm Portraits 05

Couple portrait

I Hope you enjoy few of the picked ones. More will follow soon…Feel free to leave a comment or like 🙂


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