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On January 25, 2011, in Studio & Lights, by kvitalij

I present to you new photos of a wonderful family I photographed last Saturday in a DCC Studio.

Family Photography in a Studio

Parents and thei children

In Mothers hands

Photo of Father and his child

I had a wonderful time and great experience capturing these precious family moments.

This is the first time I have taken photos in the studio of 4 people at the same time: parents and their children.


I have to admit, this was very interesting and a totally different experience altogether from anything I’ve done before. I found it fascinating capturing babies in the studio as all the attention was on them. I have to say- it was a lot of fun and it was a great feeling working with children trying to make them laugh and capture their innocent gentle smile.

Two innocent smiles

Look I'm Flying. Baby photography Dublin

Baby Photography Dublin

At the same time I had to work differently this time with a different approach to the photo scene, lights output and small bits and pieces etc.

Usually I tend to build a relationship with a model or a couple before photographing them and beginning more serious posing, but this wasn’t the case this time. You can’t control or tell babies what to do. It is rather the opposite, they tell you what to do by crying or gurgling 🙂


Thankfully the parents were the best entertainers that made them laugh and distracted their attention away from a strange man with a digital camera clicking away close to them. They stood behind me or next to the babies, baby-talking with them, making them laugh and smile.

Hey wait for me!

Wow what is that?!

Baby Photo captured

Two wonderful posers - Baby Photography!

Often people ask me how long it takes to produce photos.

Answer – 2.5 hr. in a Studio, 2-3 hr. post processing and Taa-Daa!

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I guess as a first family studio photo shoot I’m happy with the results and love to hear back from you dear visitors: what you think of the photos I have captured?

Special thanks to the Family for their time and patience during the studio photography.



10 Responses to Family Studio Photography

  1. Monika says:

    I love to see these beautiful photos of my daughter, my son-in-law and these pretty babies. Thank you a lot

  2. Christiane says:

    Great pictures of my brother’s family! Lots of love from Norway to Ireland! Christiane

  3. Manuel says:

    wow, nice photos!!!

  4. kvitalij says:

    Thank you everyone. Glad you like it.
    It was great experience and fun time.

  5. Gerlinde says:

    Very nice photos of the babies and the parents too! Regards from Germany to Ireland Gerlinde

  6. Enric says:

    Good job Vitalij, really nice pictures 😉

    • kvitalij says:

      Thank you Enric. I had lovely time photographing this beautiful and cherfull family. Next is Valentina and her children

  7. Chris says:

    Hi Vitalij, love the one where the baby got too close to the camera, it actually looks like his(?) nose is pressing against the lens – full of character.

  8. rafuel says:

    Dear Colleague,

    It’s really fun and fascinating when you capture the moments. You got some nice shot, but I hope you don’t mind my suggestion as you are new in this way. First thing ask your clients what are they going to wear and what color, this is very important if someone has no idea about family photography, so you need to guide them. It seem not good when they wear different color or ordinary clothes. Solid shirt or v-neck shirt are good for white background. 2nd. use a reflector you can also use a foam card as a reflector to illuminate the dark area. 3th. your objects’ legs or some of their budy over expose or too bright, and corners of the background blue (cold) tone you can fix this problem with editing but do not put your flash your light too strong agains background and object this is why over exposed some of your pictures. Use your flash agains only background not background and object at the sametime, so if you put modeling (flash) light between object and background and facing to background it will be better. you can hide it easy with object. If you have more question or confused email me. I had a same problem on my first shooting, so I would like to help you. Cheers.


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