Halloween Party – Diceys 2011

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Hi All, Dubliners or random visiting strangers,

Halloween 2011 costumes

If you are reading this Post, it might be you are on one of the photos. Let me tell you, that you all Rocked on that night in Diceys Garden, all people in Halloween costumes where outstanding, same as atmosphere in the air on that wonderful night.

Halloween Dublin 2011
To those who don’t know what kind of Place is Diceys, I think photos speak for them-self.
Diceys is a place with great DJ’s and modern-fresh music, that doesn’t wreck your head. On top of that Drinks are only 2-3 Euro, and for Dublin city center area is Superbly Cheap.
Diceys Night Club was always one of my favorite places, packed with people you can hang out and get acquainted, Place where time stops and you feel free.
Below are photos of all the great people I have met and captured on the Halloween Night 2011
Hope you like it…

Halloween In Diceys 2011

Dublin Halloween Costume party

Scary Costumes for Halloween

Halloween Bride and Groom Photo

Halloween Ladies Photo

Halloween Heroes - Diceys

Halloween Party at Diceys - Dublin

Characters of the Night - Halloween 2011

Halloween Gentelmans

Next to Diceys - Halloween Girls

Lovely Make-up artists, Dressed to impress

Halloween Costumes - Dublin

Cool Halloween Photos

Halloween Ladies Partying

Halloween Party Photo

Halloween Hard Workers

Cop and Belly Dancer - Halloween 2011

Halloween Trio - Stone Age Sexy Ladies

Devilish Halloween Costume Party

Halloween Batman and his companion

Halloween Wonder-woman and companion

Halloween Party - Diceys

Halloween Party Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Grapes

Sexy Smurfs - Halloween 2011

Halloween KityCats

Funny Expressive Halloween Trio

Young and Handsome Halloween Chicks

Super Halloween Heroes

Halloween Party People

Halloween Rider

Next to Diceys

Guys with Special Box Prize

Halloween Ghost

Halloween Ladies Photo

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  1. Hi,there! Thanks for a fantastic picture! Briliant! I already love your wonderful camera. haha. And I love your website. 😀 Cheers!

  2. kvitalij says:

    Thank you very much. It was a great Halloween night out in Diceys. Need to get out with my camera more often 🙂

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