It all starts and ends with the last speech and a clapping crowd. You still don’t fully realize the person is leaving.  Next morning you aren’t going to find them in the usual spot with a smile and stories from last night’s parties.  Yes! I’m speaking about work colleagues that work with us day in and day out and share our fun life at the office.

When they are gone, it’s only great memories and photos that are left with us.  Years of doing the same job go by in the blink of an eye – Battling CTR’s and quality scores, catching up on tea breaks and moaning about how long the working day is. Sometimes people come and go and you might not get further than a first name basis. But a lot of times colleagues become friends. They get to know you and you get to know them. A bond of work and friendship is built. When that person is leaving you know it will be different when they are gone, but you have to keep going.

For all of you out there, photos of the leaving party in the PUB

Leaving Party

drinks will flow - Leaving party

Guys after work relaxing time

Serious before Drink ;)

Strating to have fun

Bunch of great people

This Bunch of Old Office Workers

Smilie Faces

The Party didn’t stop in the Pub, we all moved to a house to continue triple leaving party 🙂  It’s been great, it was packed, plenty of drinks  – Great Night Out!

Party Continue parting

Thumbs Up

Getting together for the last time

Leaving party

Lads near the window of freshment

Miguels and Serena Kirsten Leaving party

Look closer

Crazy-Funny Girls

I would like to say thank you Populers who I have worked with, that made our lives easier, more relaxed and enjoyable. Dear Kirsten, Serena and Miguel this is my thank you present to you – photos for you from your leaving party. I wish you all the best in the journeys you have ahead of you, I hope you all have great encounters and a happy stress-free climb to the top of the ladder.


Don Vito the Photographer

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