Portraits are something special that we all cherish and look at from time to time, bringing back some good old memories and often putting a much loved face into our minds.

Daily we see photos of people we know and love on desktop screens, frames or mounted on the wall. What we don’t realise is the time and effort the photographer has put into making the picture perfect and the person in it appear natural and comfortable belying the freezing cold or roasting hot conditions in the studio!

As a portrait photographer my main priority is to make my model – you – feel relaxed and open to experimentation to achieve this set of perfect photos, so that everyone who looks at it will say: – WOW.

Portrait photography is not just about lights, background or your appearance, although these are all important elements. It’s the way you feel in front of camera and when I release the shutter this is what the camera picks up on – this is the essence of the photograph.

I love working with couples and individuals equally. I strive to find each person’s innermost personality, bringing their emotions to the fore in front of my camera. Sometimes my photo shoot can take just 30 minutes, sometimes it can take 2 hours. In the end though I guarantee a special portrait photo of a beautiful couple, or an image of a loved individual that makes you feel like you captured a special moment that was worth all the time and energy. I have been doing studio photography for the last two years, constantly learning; with each photo I take I learn something new and my confidence increases. With each photo I have taken in the studio I am continuing to learn about portrait photography.

Once again I cannot thank enough, the great bunch of people in Dublin Camera Club for the experience and knowledge that they so willingly pass on to the younger generation, not asking for anything in return.

Above you will find some studio photos that I have taken which are divided into three sections: Couple Photography, Female Photography and Male Photography.

Enjoy the photos and use “FS” button on gallery screen for better photo qulaity.



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