Red Barn. Airsofting 2013

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Hello All.

Finally I got my hands into photography and some action photos came out.

Red Barn Logo

Very often my wife tells me: – You need to stop playing computer games (BattleField III) and get out catch a fresh air! You know what, honestly sometimes I listen to her. I get both of my gears and get out into Red Barn. To tell my self once more, that reality is quite different than any computer game you play and experience. For those of you who don’t know what Airsoft is or what Red Barn, please visit one of my previous posts about it.

Airsoft replica weapons

The day I took those shots, it was supper sunny and very much enjoyable. We had something like 3o issh people who made great two team. For the first half of the day I joined red team and had some great moments of Airsofting. Shooting and getting Shot; Crawling and Running; Hiding and Seeking. Overall this was one of my best airsoft days I can remember.  After lunch I changed my gear got my high viz-vest and went to capture some photos.

Bolt action sniper refile

Suppress that!

airsoft weapon of choice

Even if this looks scary to you or dangerous it is NOT! 🙂  On top of that is a free Pet-Zone. Photograph bellow just to show you that in Red Barn Cats` peacefully sleep while the game is in action.

Red Barn is a Free Pet Zone. (No Shooting allowed)

But let’s get into the real fun. Two teams (Red and Blue) are Heavily loaded and ready to Fight.

Blue Team ready for Airsofting

Red Team - Ready for Battle

Game On!

Air Soft - Game On

Airsoft soldier. Red Barn Game zone

Airsofting photo

Dublin Red Barn - Airsoft war

Well Covered Airsoftieeeee...

Game is On. Airsoft at Red Barn.

Right in the open. Got to take a shot!

In the cover zone.

Kid plays like an warhog adult. SO Serious :)

Zone taken. Area is Clear!

Under heavy suppresion airsoft  fire

Very Serious airsoft game!

To make game more realistic Smoke screen is provided. Teams are pitched against each other. One have to control the zone in woodlands other has to clear it out and bring the flag In!

Red Barn - Smoke screen

Airsoft Photography

Lurking behind a deadly corner

Take a cover

Waiting for an enemy troops

I will get you this time

Airsoft Game Is On - Dublin. Ireland

Feel The Reality

If that is not enough and with all the action you getting , you can jump into a war Jeep and with your mates ride with guns blazing – LIKE A BOSS 🙂

Occupy Jeep - Ride Like  A Boss with guns blazing :)

I hope you all enjoyed Airsoft photographs I have shoot on that day. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Feel free to share and re-post page!



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