Hello all dear visitors,

It has been 6 months since my last post. I came to realise, I no longer have time to write up new content the way I used to. Due to the work, studies, training and LIFE in general.

I still take photography very seriously, as a hobby and sometimes as a little extra on the side. Nevertheless, my shooting style is slightly changing, I want to believe it is maturing. Furthermore, I got rid almost all of my Canon gear, and I shoot 99% Fujifilm. What’s that you ask? From photographers point of view it’s a new fresh breath into photography and the way you perceive compact digital cameras. I don’t want to go much into details as this should have a separate post or even a section. Cause, I can brag for hours about new Fujifilm cameras and it’s wonderful qualities. But, Let’s get back to the point, from now one I will try and post a bit less but more frequent.

For those of you who visit my site from time, If you haven’t noticed I have added a new section (Street Photography) where I will display new images taken from Dublin streets mostly.

Dublin Street Photography

Street Photography - People of Dublin

Street Photos Fuji X-T1 B&W 08

Making Connection

Fashion All Around You

Street Photos Fuji X-T1 B&W 02

B&W street Photography

Portrait of A random and kind stranger

Hairdresser in City of Dublin

An Old person having fun in Temple Bar

I hope you like some of the images I took and converted into Black And White.Later on I will post some color images too. Enjoy and Feel free to leave your comments/and critiques.


4 Responses to Street Photography with Fujifilm X-T1

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  4. Hei! Er ei jente på 20, 165 høy og veier 55kg. Prøver å trene 3-5 ganger i uka, er ikke alltid like lett med tanken på harde studier, men går som regel etter planen. Mitt dagsforbruk bør da ligge på mellom 1700 og 2000kcals om dagen? Om jeg skjønte den kalkulatoren rett. Trener en del styrke og går en del på crossfit-maskin. Er ikke sikker selv siden jeg er litt ny når det kommer til trening :p

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