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On May 12, 2011, in Studio & Lights, by kvitalij

Photographer + Model + Studio with Lights + Experience + A bit of Imagination + Time  =  Photo That You Keep in The Frame or on your Desktop Screen.

Maybe not everyone will agree with me on the outcome I wrote above, but photos taken in the studio give you big advantage of controlling the light source and have no disturbance with a model you work with. You can concentrate on what you do and connect with people you photograph on the day. Lights help you create the atmosphere you want.

Achieve or experiment – get something unique, rare and beautiful. Working in the studio, was always my next step in photography experience, and when I first got there I was excited and confused. Amount of new things I had to know was huge, slowly with each test shot, with each visit and book you look though I picked up new things. Slowly I move from simple things to more complicated light set-up’s. Sometimes I have a plan and a set-up in my mind, and sometime experimenting on the Go. Studio Photography can be Spontaneous you know!

Black and White Studio Image

Pin-Up School Uniform Photo Shoot

Studio Shoot in Dublin

Just add it to the magazine page

On the Chair

Add A bit more Color to the Dark Room

Praying for him

Beautiful Model in the Studio

This is one of my last Studio Shots I done with gorgeous model – Simona. I would like to thank her for her time and patience. I hope dear readers you will enjoy the shots I took and agree on beauty of the model. All the PRO’s and everyone else please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and judgment. Since I’m still learning I would love to hear your input photos I took in the studio. If you want to see more Studio Photos just follow this link.


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