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Weddings are something I care a lot about, because a wedding is a day that the couple will remember forever. It is a day that you will talk about and cherish for the rest of your life and share moments again and again with friends and loved ones, with smiles, happiness and good memories. It’s a day that brings two loved ones together to be united in front of God and everyone else.
As a photographer I don’t just dedicate my time and experience to getting the perfect picture; although this is a large part of it! I get to know the couple, their habits and little things that will make the photos so memorable. I don’t just stand and take photos; I blend in with the crowd. I’m as much a part of the ceremony as any of the guests. I dedicate my time and photographer’s eyes to moments that won’t be forgotten.

I enjoy wedding photography, not because of the financial aspect, but because I love these special days in people’s lives and if I capture great wedding photos, I do it with passion and professionalism, with the utmost respect to the couple in question.

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I myself once walked the same path, that future couples will do, and I have to say: I’m in Love with my wife and we still love to look at the photos and show them to our friends and family. When we look at the photos it reminds us what a great day we had, and all the wonderful memories come flooding back. The album that I will create is more than just a set of photos; it’s a record of a day that will never be forgotten: the Wedding Ceremony, the newly-wed Bride and Groom walking hand in hand, Family hugs and just about every other smiling happy, face. These memories should be kept for your children and grand children. As a wedding photographer I’ll be there for you and for those joyful moments that will be captured forever.

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